2018-2019 Coaching Staff


Marysa Semprebon

Marysa Semprebon is in her sixth year as head coach of UConn Men's Crew. In that time, she has worked with alumni and each year's students to oversee record growth in number and retention of athletes, the acquisition of new boats and equipment, a positive shift in team culture and visibility, increased alumni networking and involvement, relationship development within and outside of the rowing community, and more. Semprebon's UConn crews have finished as high as 7th at the Head of the Charles and earned medals at the Knecht Cup and New England Regional Championships, among others.

In addition to coaching at UConn, Semprebon spent three summers coaching the men's team at the New York Athletic Club, one year commuting to Boston to complete the Institute for Rowing Leadership's Advanced Certificate in Rowing Leadership, and assisted with coaching E.O. Smith High School for three seasons. She started at UConn in the spring of 2013 as the freshman coach before moving into the role of head coach in the fall of that same year. 

Semprebon graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Humans Development and Family Studies and Early Childhood Education. While at Colorado State, she coxed and rowed for 4 years, serving as the president of the team for 2 1/2 of those years. She first started rowing in 2006 at E.O. Smith High School.

Email: marysa.semprebon@gmail.com

Cell: (860)337-1662


AJ Fournier

AJ ,"Two Name", "Brickmaster" Fournier, has no hometown, because he would never tell you that information, so stop asking. AJ coaches and coxes at Riverfront Recapture, in Hartford, CT, where he has won more medals than Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt combined. He recently came away from the 2018 Head of the Charles with a hunk of gold in the Club 4+ event. AJ spends his mornings riding his launch in the wakes of other coaches, and even his suspender straps aren't as tight as his turns when coxing. AJ has been with the program for over a year now, and has turned the novice team into a perpetual national powerhouse, taking second in the freshman LWT 4+ last year at the national championship in his first season. On top of his training of collegiate athletes, he spends his days as a Data Scientist at Aetna. Some say he once outran a cheetah, while also yelling so loud into a mic that every crew team on the planet thought their coach yelled "row". Some fear AJ's brickyard, but to AJ, fear comes second to gainz.

Email: fourniera6@gmail.com

Sean Fisher.jpg

Sean Fisher

Sean has been coaching UConn Men's Crew since 2004, and has been a part of creating a great rowing environment for Uconn Students. He has played a large part of helping grow the  the team from the ground up throughout the years: from days of wet launching from peoples back yards, having launches that barely float, helping get the equipment needed to better serve the team, and making our athletes more competitive. He's helped the team go from barely being able to field an 8 at New England's to growing the team to 5 competitive 8's over the last decade and a half. 

While not on the water Sean spends most of his time either up in the air or down on the ground. He is designing, building, and inspecting aerial adventure parks, zip lines and ropes courses throughout the country, along with managing Mansfield's Holiday Recreation Center's ropes course used for team-building throughout the year. His background in team-building has helped create a more cohesive environment, where every rower is important to the growth of the team. 

Email: seangfisher@gmail.com